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Discover Coles Crossing

Coles Crossing is a desirable neighborhood in Northwest Houston, Texas, offering a range of attractive houses for rent. Known for its flourishing housing market, outstanding schools, and convenient location, it's no surprise that many individuals are opting to make this their home. Whether you're searching for new homes for sale or 

houses for rent in Coles Crossing

, you'll find a variety of appealing options to suit your needs.

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Coles Crossing
Overview about Cypress Area

Tucked away in Harris County, Texas, you'll find the flourishing community of Cypress—a place steeped in a captivating history that traces back to the mid-19th century. This remarkable tale commences with industrious German immigrants who settled in the area, cultivating prosperity through their unwavering dedication to farming, ranching, and the timber industry. But the story doesn't conclude there. In the early 20th century, the discovery of oil bestowed an iridescent glow upon Cypress, luring even more individuals who yearned to build their lives amidst this thriving community.

Despite its rapid expansion, Cypress has admirably preserved its small-town charm and welcoming atmosphere, captivating both residents and visitors alike. Boasting a population surpassing 100,000, Cypress stands tall as a testament to triumph, offering not only a robust economy but also exceptional educational institutions and bountiful green spaces that beckon tranquility and leisure.

Throughout the year, Cypress bursts with vibrancy as it plays host to an array of annual events and festivals, each injecting a surge of excitement into the community's character. Whether it's the Cypress Creek Lakes Annual Independence Day Celebration, the Houston Hot Sauce Festival, or the captivating Cypress Creek FACE Performing Arts Series, there's always something to ignite the spark of joy in the hearts of those who call Cypress home.

One of the key pillars contributing to Cypress's well-deserved acclaim is its outstanding schools, proudly nurtured by the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District (CFISD). With an impressive portfolio encompassing 89 schools, catering to the needs of over 116,000 students, CFISD is unwavering in its commitment to providing an education that surpasses expectations. Each institution stands as a beacon of knowledge, shaping the minds of future generations. Noteworthy establishments within the district include:

  • Cypress-Fairbanks High School
  • Cypress Creek High School
  • Cypress Falls High School
  • Cypress Woods High School
  • Cypress Ranch High School
  • Cy-Fair High School
  • Langham Creek High School
  • Morton Ranch High School
  • Seven Lakes High School
  • Westside High School

In terms of weather, Cypress experiences the ebb and flow of nature's elements. The summer months embrace the community with average high temperatures hovering around 92°F (33°C), inviting residents to relish the warmth of the sun. Winters, on the other hand, grace Cypress with milder averages of approximately 62°F (17°C), creating a cozy ambiance ideal for treasured moments. Throughout the year, Cypress receives an average of 49 inches (124 cm) of precipitation, with the majority falling between the months of March and October. While summers may bring a touch of humidity, with an average relative humidity surpassing 70%, the community is rewarded with approximately 205 sunny days annually, with May and June claiming the highest number of radiant, sun-filled days.

With its captivating history, dynamic events, esteemed schools, and diverse climate, Cypress thrives as a warm and vibrant community—a place where residents proudly establish their homes and create indelible memories.

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All You Need To Know About Coles Crossing

Coles Crossing, situated in Cypress, Texas, is a thriving and lively neighborhood. It lies approximately 27 miles northwest of downtown Houston and can be conveniently reached via Highway 290 and Barker Cypress Road. The neighborhood's development commenced in 1998, led by Jefferson Development and The Johnson Development Corp. Over time, it has become a fully developed community, comprising over 2,600 single-family homes spread throughout the area.

The real estate options in Coles Crossing mainly consist of single-family homes ranging in size from 1,667 to 5,226 square feet. Prices for these homes range from $269K to $478K, and the median build year for the properties is 2002. As of November 2022, home prices in Coles Crossing had increased by 11.4% compared to the previous year, with homes typically selling after an average of 19 days on the market.

Coles Crossing is a thoughtfully designed master-planned community that sets aside 175 acres for recreational amenities while preserving wooded natural areas. These spaces provide opportunities for residents to gather and engage with their surroundings. The community features a well-equipped community center that hosts numerous neighborhood events and is also available for private event rentals by residents. In addition, residents can enjoy a resort-style swimming pool, a junior Olympic-sized lap pool, nearly 5 miles of walking trails, practice fields for various sports like soccer and baseball, multiple parks with playground structures, a 12-station outdoor exercise area, a sand volleyball court, and a fitness clubhouse equipped with cardio equipment, free weights, and cable weight machines. For tennis enthusiasts, there are six lighted tennis courts that regularly host activities such as league play.

Experience the Best of Coles Crossing

  • Restaurants: Coles Crossing offers a wide variety of dining options, with something to suit every taste and budget. Whether you're in the mood for classic American fare, international cuisine, or something in between, you're sure to find a restaurant that satisfies your cravings. Some of the top dining options in the neighborhood include cozy cafes, family-friendly restaurants, and upscale eateries.
  • Pet Lovers: Coles Crossing is a pet-friendly community, with plenty of parks and trails that welcome four-legged friends. The neighborhood's natural surroundings provide a beautiful backdrop for outdoor adventures with your furry companion. 
  • Fun for All: Coles Crossing is a family-friendly community that offers a range of recreational activities for all ages. Whether you're interested in swimming, tennis, or other sports, there's something for everyone here. In addition to sports, the neighborhood also hosts a variety of community events throughout the year, including holiday celebrations, block parties, and more.
  • Outdoor Activities: Coles Crossing is a nature lover's paradise, offering endless opportunities for outdoor activities. The neighborhood's beautiful parks, trails, and lakes provide the perfect setting for activities like hiking, fishing, and boating.
  • Arts & Culture: Coles Crossing is home to a vibrant arts and culture scene, with museums, galleries, and theaters showcasing local talent and international acts. Whether you're interested in visual arts, music, or theater, there's something for everyone here.
Areas in the Northwest Houston

Northwest Houston Realty is proud to offer our services to the vibrant areas in Northwest Houston. Whether you're buying or selling a home, we are here to assist you every step of the way. With our extensive knowledge and expertise in the Northwest Houston areas, you can be confident in the exceptional service we provide.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Coles Crossing

Northwest Houston Realty specializes in the Coles Crossing real estate market and can provide expert guidance and personalized attention to help you find your dream home or sell your property quickly and efficiently. Our team of experienced realtors will connect you with qualified buyers or renters through our extensive network and targeted approach. Whether you're looking for homes for sale or 

properties for lease in Coles Crossing

, our dedicated professionals will assist you every step of the way, ensuring a seamless and successful transaction.

Coles Crossing mainly consists of single-family homes ranging in size from 1,667 to 5,226 square feet. The prices for these homes range from $269K to $478K, with a median build year of 2002. There are over 2,600 single-family homes spread throughout the neighborhood.

Coles Crossing is a master-planned community that offers various amenities and recreational facilities. These include a community center for events and private rentals, resort-style and lap swimming pools, walking trails, sports fields for soccer and baseball, multiple parks with playgrounds, an outdoor exercise area, a sand volleyball court, a fitness clubhouse, and six lighted tennis courts for activities such as league play. Moreover, if you are planning a vacation in this area, there are numerous 

best houses for rent in Coles Crossing


Coles Crossing is located in Cypress, Texas, approximately 27 miles northwest of downtown Houston. It offers a thriving community with a strong housing market, excellent schools, and convenient access to major highways. The neighborhood's thoughtfully designed amenities and preserved natural areas provide opportunities for residents to gather and enjoy outdoor activities. Coles Crossing is also known for its family-friendly atmosphere, community events, and a range of dining options, making it an appealing place to call home in Northwest Houston.

Frequently Asked Questions About Northwest Houston Realty

Northwest Houston Realty offers a range of real estate services in the Northwest area of Houston. We specialize in assisting clients with buying, selling, and leasing properties in this vibrant and desirable location.

With our expertise in the Northwest area of Houston, Texas, our team at Northwest Houston Realty can assist you in finding your dream home. We have a deep understanding of the local real estate market and can provide personalized guidance based on your specific needs and budget.

Yes, we can assist with rental properties especially in the Northwest area of Houston, Texas. Whether you are looking to rent a home or lease out your property, our team can provide personalized guidance and support throughout the process.

To get in touch with our team for assistance, you can reach out to us to schedule a consultation with one of our realtors. We will be able to provide you with further information, address any additional questions you may have, and guide you through the real estate process in the Northwest area of Houston, TX.

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Houston is a great place to call home, offering a high quality of life and plenty of opportunities for work and play. With the help of our professional real estate team at Northwest Houston Realty, you can find your dream home in this dynamic and exciting city.

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